Your Ultimate Guide To Airbnb Interior Design

When it comes to making your Airbnb property stand out in a sea of options, your interior design choices play a crucial role. A thoughtfully designed space not only attracts guests but also enhances their overall experience. In this ultimate guide to Airbnb interior design, we'll explore five components to help you transform your property into a haven for travelers.

Key Interior Decorating Ideas For An Airbnb

These carefully curated design concepts aim to enhance the experience for both the host and their guests. From vibrant color schemes to thoughtfully arranged decor, you will discover how embracing bold choices and avoiding lackluster design can transform your Airbnb into something special.


Embrace The Location. Every Airbnb property is nestled in a specific location, each with its own charm and atmosphere. To create a design that resonates with its surroundings, understand the local culture, architecture, and the preferences of potential guests. From there, look to incorporate elements that reflect the essence of the area. This can be done through color schemes, artwork, or locally-inspired decor.

Now if your Airbnb is where you currently reside. You may already know what's best when it comes embracing the location of your property – just make sure you execute. A design that harmonizes the location not only feels more authentic, but also establishes a deeper connection with your guests.

Avoid Minimalism. Stand out from the crowd by injecting personality into your Airbnb's interior design and avoiding generic or overly common decor choices. Instead, opt for bold and distinctive elements that capture attention. Remember, people will be scrolling through multiple listings before they get to yours. The design choices you make will be one of the biggest factors to pique the interest of potential guests. If guests wanted bland rooms, they would have opted for a hotel!

Whether it's a statement wall, unconventional furniture pieces, or eye-catching artwork, creating a memorable and distinctive atmosphere can leave a lasting impression on your guests. Have fun with creativity and let your property tell a story that guests will remember.

Functionality Matters. While aesthetics are important, functionality should not be overlooked in Airbnb interior design. Ensure your property is equipped with practical and user-friendly features. This can be done through a myriad of enhancements:

full length mirror

  • Floor Length Mirrors – understand your guests may be here for weddings and other social events.
  • Blankets – for guests who want to feel like they never left home.
  • Toiletries – to show above and beyond hospitality.
  • And much more.

Functional elements contribute to a positive guest experience, making them more likely to leave positive reviews and return for future stays.

Design For Every Space. A well-furnished space feels inviting and comfortable. Pay attention to the layout and use of space to ensure spatial harmony. Consider the needs of your guests – provide ample seating, comfortable bedding, and practical storage solutions. Avoid overcrowding, but make sure that no corner of your property feels neglected. This includes adding decor to coffee tables, filling up bookshelves, and avoiding empty corners. 

Embrace the Power of Social Media. Harness the power of social media to showcase your unique Airbnb interior design. We encourage you to design for guests who share their experiences, creating a user-generated content stream that showcases your property in a genuine and appealing light. Fill your space with fun trinkets, notable art, or anything that might be worth a post. This not only attracts new guests, but stays with those who stayed with you.

airbnb neon sign

When you balance your aesthetics with functionality to create an environment where guests can relax and enjoy their stay, your Airbnb will flourish.

Designing Your Airbnb With Homii

As you embark on the exciting journey of transforming your Airbnb space into a unique and inviting retreat, why not let Homii assist? We invite you to browse through our versatile home decor and turn your design inspirations into reality.

By understanding your location, being bold in your design choices, filling the space thoughtfully, prioritizing functionality, and leveraging the power of social media, you can create an Airbnb interior that not only attracts guests but keeps them coming back. Remember, the key is to make your property a memorable and inviting space that stands out in the competitive world of short-term rentals.

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