How to Decorate With Oversized Floor Lanterns

You may have seen large floor lanterns become more of a fixture in American homes in recent years. This is no random occurrence as they tend to be gorgeous home accents providing a rustic, aged, and country semblance to any room. Since the farmhouse look exploded in popularity, so have the elements which boost its cohesive style. Other home accents that embrace this farmhouse style include wicker baskets, old-fashioned clocks, and ceramic vases just to name a few.

Today, we focus on the creative ways of how to decorate with oversized floor lanterns in your home.

Where to Put Your Oversized Floor Lanterns

  • Fireplaces. Those who are lucky enough to have a fireplace do what they can to make it a can’t miss centerpiece. One of the more common ways to spruce it up is with an oversized floor lantern. We often see a rustic floor lantern placed on the heath of the fireplace, adding depth and elegance to it.
  • Outdoor Patios. Placing giant floor lanterns on the outdoor deck or patio is a great way to add some design to your outdoor setting. It’s also quite practical. You may see floor lanterns be lit much more frequently outdoors than you would indoors. Don’t be afraid to use these large floor lanterns as intended by lighting the candle inside!oversized lantern outdoors
  • Front Porches. Another outdoor setting, this time in the front for all to see! If you have steps leading up to your front door, multiple floor lanterns can be used for each step sometimes in different sizes. If your front porch is not much of a porch, and more flat, you can still bunch your large floor lanterns in three’s to look equally as pleasant. We like to mix and match different sizes, along with mixing in different colored rustic floor lanterns.
  • Corners. A floor lantern is suitable for every room if you are creative enough. No fireplace? No outdoor space? Not a problem! Any open corner can suffice as the perfect place to hold your oversized lanterns.

The Different Types of Large Floor Lanterns

You know what you want to buy. You know where you want to put it. Now all you have to do is select the giant floor lantern that’s right for you - certainly easier said than done. Lucky for you, Homii is not just a marketplace of home decor, accents, and furniture. We are individuals who love home projects. Our team of interior designers are ready and willing to help you choose the right product via free live chat.

The main consideration you need to account for is the prominent color of the environment your lantern will be in. For example, if you are placing one in a corner of the room with black walls, we would recommend a lantern that is more contrasting. A lantern in the setting of a white brick fireplace (often found in the farmhouse look), you may want to go with a similar and lighter shade such as a cream or tan. This keeps the consistency of the room intact.

oversized lantern in living room

For those of you who are looking to select a more rustic lantern that is black, bronze, gold, or copper, this is best used outdoors, or indoors with a backdrop where wood is present. The rustic lantern features tend to play well with wood allowing you to achieve complementary unison within a room.

Oversized Floor Lanterns From Homii

This piece of decor is such a fun and versatile piece that seems to never go out of style. We fell in love with having large floor lanterns in our homes, apartments, and for some of us - our cabins! We think you would love it just as much, so we here at Homii went out and sourced a large selection of rustic floor lanterns suited for any setting.

We encourage you to browse, shop, and share what we have to offer. If you need some style inspiration, email us at and one of our style experts will get back to you.

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